Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious giant cookies loaded with chocolate chips and oatmeal

Cookies have to be the easiest dessert that you can make at home and I love them. They can be done in no time, using an almost infinite combination of ingredients that will please even the stubborn ones. I know what I am talking about because for a long time I was in denial, telling myself that I don’t really like this weird combination of chocolate and flour, but that moment is long gone and now, not a week goes by without making some of the classic recipes or struggling to create new ones, providing endless hours of entertainment for my wife in the process. 

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An exquisite dessert with an enticing name.

Sex in a Pan

If you wonder why this cake is called “sex in a pan” then fret no more, I finally figured it out. Initially it was probably called something like “six layers in a pan” but either typo or somebody wanted to make it more interesting, the name became 

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A delicious rustic looking calzone made with loads of ham and cheese, the perfect breakfast.

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Calzone

Calzone has to be one of our family favorites but as it happens, we don’t make it that often, I don’t know why. Probably is because I always try to make something new for my blog, which is not a bad thing but sometimes it holds me 

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Easy to make cookies, perfect for any season

Nutty Snowballs

Wife keeps telling me these are winter cookies but who cares, I really like these little things so I decided to copy one of her recipes and make it my own. :) I think these are one of the best cookies that I ever had, to be 

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Delicious pull apart bread loaded with chocolate

Nutella Twist Pull-Apart Bread

I am not going to say I did this complicated thing all by myself. Unfortunately my baking patience is very limited and when it comes to little things that need to be done in order, at specific times and with infinite attention, I think I would rather 

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Delicious pizza with tomatoes and pancetta on a cauliflower flatbread

Cauliflower Pizza

If you enjoyed my cauliflower sticks, then you would love this pizza. Making a flatbread out of cauliflower was a first for me and it turned out to be not bad actually. As you can probably imagine, the idea of making a cauliflower flatbread came from my 

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A delicious combination of peaches and Canadian back bacon on a pizza flatbread

Peach Pizza

It’s been almost two months from my last pizza recipe and I still wonder how I managed to survive all this time without one of my favorite dishes. Now, pizza and sandwiches are my favorite foods but my wife loves a good flatbread too, so she never 

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Get ready for holidays with this classic Easter recipe

Hot Cross Buns

This is it, last stretch to get your menu ready in time for Easter. If you find yourself as confused as I am wondering what to serve to your family on this day, then painted eggs, ham and salmon are what everybody is enjoying in North America.

Delicious bread knots with basil and butter

Basil Knots

Is not that I am so passionate about bread that I cannot move around without having a bite every now and then, is just that fresh baked bread is annoyingly tempting and as soon as I get started on eating, is very difficult to stop. I find 

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Delicious and easy to make bread of Irish inspiration

Soda Bread

I’m cutting it a bit too close with this recipe but I figured, better late than never though I am afraid to say, this is not actually the original Irish recipe, but a modified version yet extremely delicious. After a bit of web research, I noticed the 

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Decadent mini cheesecakes with pineapple on a pecan crust and topped with sweetened coconut flakes.

Pineapple Cheesecake Bites

Care for your cheesecake dessert? I don’t and I never did. Not until wife made these little things that turned me into an addict. Well, she didn’t actually make them alone. As usually, my help played an integral part in this recipe’s success, but the idea was 

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