Breakfast Coffee Cake

Delicious breakfast snack made with sour cream and yogurt mixed with a perfect combination of sugar and pecans

This classic coffee cake is simply delicious. Made with cinnamon, brown sugar and pecan crumble, it will definitely enrich your morning coffee experience. The recipe has its sugar quantity somewhat reduced, because I do not like it very sweet, but you can add some more if you feel the need. 

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Delicious sticks made from cauliflower and loaded with cheese

Cauliflower Sticks

Back in the day, when we were still buying pizza from various places around home, I used to order these cheese bread-sticks made from the same pizza crust and loaded with cheese. We really liked them but if you want to make them yourself, it is a 

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Quick thyme and cheese bread without yeast

Thyme and Cheese Bread

My baking recipe this week is another bread, of course. Bread is a staple in our home, I personally cannot eat anything without a couple of thick slices… well, almost anything and since we started our blogs, I tried a ton of recipes, some good, some bad 

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Delicious and fast banana cake recipe, a beautiful alternative to your regular banana bread

Easy Banana Cake

Banana bread is one of those things that I like to have on my breakfast table every morning. We have our own basic recipe, something that we make pretty often and works best with those over ripened bananas that nobody wants to eat anymore. Here we wanted 

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Delicious sweet bread with poppy seeds and lemon icing,

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

I am on a bread roll though I cannot take 100% credit for this one but I definitely helped. Ok fine, at least I was a source of entertainment and that is very important too. Anyway, the story begins at Starbucks, where I love to go every 

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Delicious muffin recipe made into a bread

Blueberry Bread

You know those Costco muffins, I personally like them a lot, every time I go shopping there I usually come back home with a bunch. For a long time I thought their recipe has to be very complicated because they are way to good to be something 

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Easiest Italian pizza recipe with only a couple ingredients but same delicious flavor

Pizza Margherita

In case you missed my pizza recipes, well, I’m back. This time I went back to the classics, Pizza Margherita. Delicious in it’s simplicity, with only three ingredients, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, lore says it was created in honor of Queen Margherita and ingredients are specifically chosen 

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A healthy version of the classic banana bread

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

We are not much on healthy recipes in this household, I mean we are trying but we are food bloggers after all and we like cooking and variety on our table, however every once in a while a great idea pops out of my wife’s head and 

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Delicious pizza with a variety of spicy Italian salami and sausage

Spicy Italian Pizza

I have a feeling my baking website will eventually become popular for my pizza recipes and less for everything else. [lol] Unfortunately, I can’t help it, I love pizza and I am trying to make up for all those years when I had no idea how easy 

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Easiest way of making your own pizza dough

Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

Whenever I used to think about making pizza, the dough making held me back. I mean anybody can come up with a bunch of toppings and a sauce, right? For pizza dough on the other hand you definitely need an expert or something like that. Well, not 

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Try this European style chocolate pecan cake

Chocolate Pecan Cake

Not many desserts on my blog, baking pies and cakes is not really my thing, but this recipe is a nice variation from my regular pizza convention. This cute dessert idea came from my sister because she loves sweets and bakes something pretty much every day (crazy, 

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